Crest successfully mediates View Restoration Ordinance case in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Palm Trees

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In a case in Beverly Hills, Crest represented a View Owner requesting to have two Foliage Owners trim and remove multiple trees that grew past the Safe Harbor Plane as outlined in the View Restoration Ordinance.

Prior to Crest’s involvement, there was a pending civil litigation between neighbors. Crest worked diligently with neighbors, lawyers and arborists on both sides of the table to reach a solution amicably. Crest successfully mediated the agreement that was agreed upon by all parties and memorialized in the Planning Commission resolution, resulting in the trimming and removal of 25 trees obstructing their client’s view of the Los Angeles Basin. 

The Planning Commission commended all parties and has used this property as an example of how the View Restoration Ordinance is supposed to work. 

Read the full Beverly Hills Courier article.

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