Client Testimonials

“Exceptional design and architecture in Los Angeles is truly a team sport and that is never more important then when you’re at the top of your game. Crest Consulting is an integral part of the Studio Tim Campbell team. Their firm grasp of the complex code environment and their unique ability to maneuver the complex web of building officials and neighborhood associations is an integral part of Studio Tim Campbell’s strategy for remaining amongst Los Angeles’s best design teams.”

Tim Campbell
Principal, Studio Tim Campbell

Beverly Hills

“Jason Somers and his wonderful company Crest Real Estate is always in a position to obtain fast and accurate answers to every real estate investors’ question. I am always thankful for his professional cooperation and support.”

Joyce Rey Partner
Coldwell Banker Realty

Pacific Palisades

“From project inception to completion, Crest Real Estate has been an essential partner on many of our most challenging projects, bringing invaluable knowledge and experience with all of their services.”

Scott Mitchell
Principal, Scott Mitchell Studio

“The Crest team is absolutely outstanding in their knowledge and experience in dealing with all aspects of entitlements, codes and most importantly to us, is the new or upcoming changes in the codes and what they mean and impact us as uber end developers.”

Michael Palumbo
Principal, Palumbo Luxury Design

“When it comes to on-the-ground knowledge of development regulations in the Los Angeles area, Crest Real Estate is second to none. For major projects, every square foot counts. Crest Real Estate will help you maximize your opportunities for success, and keep your project headed in the right direction from concept to plan check.”

David Gershwin
Principal, David Gershwin Consulting

“Working with Jason, Steven and the team at Crest for the last several years has been a game changer for us and our clients at Dugally Oberfeld. Their knowledge and expertise in navigating complex regulatory processes and securing entitlements has streamlined the entire process of building a luxury residential project in Los Angeles/Westside. Their attention to details and dedication to having a successful project for the client, consultants, and general contractor involved is truly commendable.”

Mauricio Oberfeld
President and Founder, Dugally Oberfeld Construction

803 N Bedford Drive

“Has Crest been engaged?”. “This is and always will be one of the first questions that is asked between my Clients and me. Their guidance and understanding of the ever changing landscape for which we operate in daily is invaluable. For almost two decades we have relied on the Crest team to guide us and our Clients to success with permitting, code compliance and due diligence.”

Frank Mabante
President and Founder, Mabante Development

modern home with lights on

“Crest stands out as a premier land use consultancy in California. With their thorough grasp of zoning regulations, technical development requirements, and procedural hurdles, they serve as indispensable partners for any development team seeking assistance in navigating the intricate landscape of real estate development. Crest brings to the table a wealth of experience, profound knowledge, and unwavering dedication, all essential qualities that can greatly benefit any project team.”

Daniel F. Freedman
Partner and Co-Chair, Jeffer Mangels Butler & Mitchell LLP

“Over the years we’ve come to rely on the incredible expertise at Crest. Their knowledge and professionalism have led us down the right path time and time again. The strategic thinking and expertise Crest has provided our firm over the years has been invaluable. Their insight and experience in LA’s many municipalities put them at the top of the list. Crest is our go-to for navigating and achieving the multitude of approvals necessary for our projects. They are the masters of the “green light” that our clients rely on us to achieve.”

Grant C. Kirkpatrick
FAIA Founding Partner, KAA DESIGN

“Crest Real Estate’s permit expediting service is unparalleled in efficiency and reliability. Their dedicated team navigated the complex permit process seamlessly, ensuring my project stayed on track and met all necessary requirements. With Crest Real Estate, I experienced peace of mind and a streamlined experience from start to finish. Crest Real Estate is an essential part of the team needed on all projects.”

Gavin Brodin
President and Founder, Formed For

“Jason, Steven, and their Firm have not only been Permit Expeditors but have also been advocates for our projects for over 12 years now. The benefits of their services are unparalleled leading us to hire them for three of our own personal projects. While they are colleagues of ours, we are lucky to also call them friends and truly enjoy the relationship we have developed over the years. Here’s to many more!”

Tyler Udall

modular home

“Crest is an instrumental component to our development process. Their service benefits our projects in navigating the complex city codes and regulations in LA and Beverly Hills for single family, multi family and commercial projects. Crest’s guidance and planning strategies as well as their perseverance and work ethic help enable complicated projects to be zoned and permitted faster. Their hunger to provide a solid service has remained constant since we started working with them over 10 years ago.”

Tyrone McKillen
President and Founder, Plus Development

“One of my firm’s first actions when starting a new project is to reach out to our longtime collaborators, Jason and Steven. Their depth of expertise in parsing the Byzantine local codes and navigating deftly through agencies enroute to a permit is unmatched, saving our clients time and expense. They are also an invaluable part of the pre-acquisition process, where their understanding of the real estate market at an almost block-by-block level can help everyone make better informed decisions. The design community here is very fortunate to have the Crest team at the ready.”

Michael Kovac
President and Founder, KOVAC Design Studio

“Crest has all of the insider information on code, workarounds, and timing. Over the years they’ve developed relationships with key staff members of various city agencies, which is so helpful and saves a lot of time. Their initial property reports are very useful and complete; they help determine what can be accomplished and bring potential issues to the surface early on.”

William Hefner
President and Founder, Studio William Hefner

“It is with great pleasure and pride that I write to express our sincere appreciation for the long and successful working relationship between RT Abbott Construction and Crest Real Estate. Throughout the years, we have collaborated on notable milestones and delivered exceptional projects. At RT Abbott Construction, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled quality and excellence in every project we undertake. Our commitment to craftsmanship, attention to detail, and dedication to exceeding client expectations align seamlessly with Crest Real Estate values. We have achieved success together because of this shared commitment. Crest Real Estate has demonstrated unwavering professionalism and integrity throughout our collaborations, which has been a key factor in our enduring partnership. From initial project conception to final delivery, Crest Real Estate has consistently exhibited a deep understanding of our requirements, a proactive approach to problem-solving, and a steadfast commitment to achieving project objectives within specified timelines and budgets. This level of reliability and professionalism is a testament to Crest Real Estate’s expertise and dedication.

Furthermore, the seamless communication and collaborative spirit fostered by Crest Real Estate have been instrumental in overcoming challenges and navigating the complexities inherent in the construction industry. Crest Real Estate facilitates collaboration, transparency, and mutual respect between our teams, enabling us to deliver projects efficiently and effectively.

With our shared values, unwavering commitment to excellence, and a track record of success, I am confident that our partnership will continue to thrive. In closing, I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Crest Real Estate for their continued partnership, trust, and collaboration. Together, we have achieved remarkable success, and I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.”

Roy Abbott President and Founder
R T Abbott Construction Inc.

Bel Air

“As a national real estate investment, development and construction company, at Concord Wilshire, we take pride in using Crest Real Estate for our due diligence, design, and permit expediting services in prime markets in Southern California. They are our preferred vendor and our first call when underwriting a high-end residential opportunity in SoCal. Their team possesses decades of experience and they have numerous development disciplines in-house that we get the added benefit from. If they need to outsource a particular scope to meet our needs, they only partner with the best consultants in their markets. Jason and Steven Somers are passionate about their work and they have created a consistent and strong culture in their shop with integrity and reliability at its core. They work weekends and nights to make sure that my projects are delivered on time. It’s clear that their team prides itself on exceeding their clients expectations.”

Nate Sirang
President, Concord Wilshire Companies

Los Angeles Hollywood Sign

“We have had the pleasure of working with Jason, Steven and the entire Crest team for over 12 years completing dozens of extremely successful projects together. The cities of Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills are extremely complicated jurisdictions that require expeditors with extensive knowledge of the current code interpretations in order to move the projects through the cities swiftly. Crest Real Estates integrity and dedication make them a top choice for expedited services. We highly recommend them for their expertise, transparent communication, exceptional service, and personalized approach.”

Ignacio Rodriguez
AIA Principal, IR Architects

Zoning Variance

“JRC Group and Crest have been doing business for over a decade now with Crest being involved in nearly 75% of JRC’s major projects. Jason & Steven have a true pulse on all aspects of the Los Angeles area real estate market and thier vast knowledge of permitting, municipal approvals, and guidance throughout our construction process has put our management team at ease, knowing we have a partner always looking out for the best interest of our clients. Crest’s project managers are always a pleasure to work with and like Jason & Steven, are always keeping up with vital real estate measures that ensure we have the latest information while working through our projects or during pre-construction prior to obtaining permits. Crest has always been, and will continue to be our go-to for any and all permitting and expediting services.”

Jason Rodriguez
President and Founder, JRC Group

Los Angeles Booming Population

“Our office has enjoyed a close, collaborative relationship with Crest Real Estate, extending over more than ten years and almost 40 projects across several jurisdictions. They have always been an excellent and reliable partner; our successes in moving really challenging projects forward have in large part been due to their early and consistent involvement. In particular, I appreciate Crest’s proactive approach to the planning of entitlements strategies. Rather than waiting for us to ask questions, they proactively engage in fact finding, help build a strategy and define objectives, and then assist in establishing deliverables and communicating these to our clients and the project teams. Personally, Jason and Steven have incredible work ethics and demand focus and dedication from their team. This apparent no matter who we’re working with at Crest on a given project, in the quality of the communication, the attention, and follow through.”

Russell Holthouse
Principal, Vantage Design Group

modern home

“We could not be happier with our relationship with Crest. Not only do they work with the utmost professionalism but the creativity they bring to problem solving has no parallel within the industry. They have a unique ability to analyze site conditions and utilize the planning codes in the best interests of both the property owner and site development. Crest pays acute attention to the detailed history of Los Angeles metro codes and ordinances, while continuing to be advocates for residents, architects, engineers, developers and builders concerning the L.A.’s future of development. We are delighted to recommend them to our clients and consider them our friends in addition to being exceptional business partners.”

Principal, McClean Design

“I have been working with Crest since I started my firm in 2005 and they are simply the best firm to work with. Jason and Steven are developers themselves and lead a team that knows the code inside and out and more importantly, the subtleties within it, that can be used to their advantage. Crest is a force in the industry and have relationships with individuals at the municipal and state departments who respect Crest.

I heard from a higher up at the City that when Crest walks into a meeting, that everyone knows beforehand that after their team is done artfully explaining why their client should get what they want, that they are going to agree and approve the request. The meeting is just a formality to hear the creative way that Crest has worked the system to their advantage. Oh yeah, on top of it, they are just calm, great, and interesting successful people that everyone needs in their life.”

Joshua R. Feffer
Principal Geologist, Feffer Geological Consulting

Los Angeles

“Working with Crest Real Estate was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. As someone who embarked on the journey of building a house for the first time, I couldn’t have asked for a better team to guide me through the process. The experts at Crest not only provided invaluable knowledge and expertise but also instilled a sense of confidence in every decision we made. Their seamless coordination and attention to detail made the entire experience remarkably smooth.

What also set Crest Real Estate apart was their extensive network of referrals. Whenever I needed recommendations or advice, they were quick to connect me with trusted professionals who helped bring my vision to life. Thanks to Crest Real Estate, I now have a home that exceeds my expectations in every way. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone looking to embark on their own home-building journey.”

Kramer LaPlante
President and Founder, MVMT


“Thank you for working with the best” is the phrase I hear from clients after Crest Real Estate obtains for them what everyone thought was nearly impossible. Time and again the clients can’t get over the fact that Crest thanks them for the opportunity to work on their project. Jason and Steven’s team has expertise in every category of development, understands complex issues and how to solve them, and has an enviable record of success. Crest continues to suggest creative solutions where none were initially apparent, which leads to a ‘yes’ from city planners in world-record time.”

Thomas Levyn
3x Mayor, City of Beverly Hills, Partner, Glaser Weil, LLP

“CREST has, through many years of successful collaboration, become one of SAOTA’s most significant and strategic partners in LA. Their knowledge and know-how for the relentless Los Angeles zoning codes is unparalleled with insights that go beyond a reporting function and have helped us unlock powerful design solutions. Having worked in many international markets, CREST’s offering is unique, professional and of the highest international caliber.”

Mark Bullivant
Principal, SAOTA

Santa Monica

“When it comes to big deals there is no room for error. Having crest on my side not only helps me close those deals when needed but also brings confidence to my buyers moving forward with the deal. Every real estate agent in the high end market should have Crest on speed dial.”

Josh Altman
Principal and Founder, The Altman Brothers | Douglas Elliman

“Olson Kundig has enjoyed a long and successful working relationship with Crest across a wide range of projects, and we’re always grateful for the expertise and perspective that they bring to the team. They allow us to be efficient and strategic in service of project timelines, while maintaining the design detail and craft that our clients expect.”

Tom Kundig, FAIA, RIBA
Principal/Owner & Founder, Olson Kundig