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Utilizing backgrounds in architecture, engineering, and urban planning, Crest Real Estate prepares documentation to obtain building permits and entitlements for a variety of real estate endeavors.

Crest’s involvement begins at different stages throughout the development timeline, but sees the most value added to a project when involved from the conceptual phase through the final inspection sign-off.

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The Importance of Construction Timelines for Your Project

When you are starting development on a project, among the most important components of the project is the construction timeline that you create. This type of timeline is meant to help visualize the schedules for residential or commercial construction projects. The total work that needs to be done during construction will be broken down into […]

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LADBS Quarterly Newsletter – October 2020

The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS) has implemented a new virtual inspection process for both contractors and inspectors during these unprecedented times. Other news concerning the department, construction activity in Los Angeles, contracting opportunities, and accessory dwelling units (ADUs) are explained in this quarterly newsletter. Read more about this newsletter here:

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The Difference Between ROI vs. ROE

When you’re thinking about investing in property or land, you may want to measure the ROI and ROE of the project at hand, which can help you determine the health of the investment that you’re about the make. ROI stands for return on investment and is designed to compare the cost of the initial investment […]

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