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Utilizing backgrounds in architecture, engineering, and urban planning, Crest Real Estate prepares documentation to obtain building permits and entitlements for a variety of real estate endeavors.

Crest’s involvement begins at different stages throughout the development timeline, but sees the most value added to a project when involved from the conceptual phase through the final inspection sign-off.

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What is Raw Land Investing?

If you’re interested in real estate investment, among the more popular investment opportunities is raw land investing, which comes with numerous upsides. Investing in land is very different from investing in property since development won’t have occurred on the land in question. While you will still need to adhere to local zoning regulations, it’s important […]

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The Process of Land Development & Land Use Permits

When you purchase a parcel of land, it’s possible that you will be able to begin the process of land development, which is commonly referred to as raw land development. Raw land development occurs when you buy a piece of land with the goal of constructing a building or completing a development project of some […]

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Crest Real Estate acquires permits and entitlements for luxury home in Beverly Hills

Crest Scores Permits & Entitlements for All Time Football Great with his Winning Home in Beverly Hills

In one of Crest’s recent projects in Beverly Hills, Crest was able to acquire the proper permits and entitlements for a luxurious home in Beverly Hills for NFL sports analyst Tony Gonzalez. NFL player turned sports analyst Tony Gonzalez is the current owner of this estate in Beverly Hills, but he’s looking for a buyer. […]

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