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Utilizing backgrounds in architecture, engineering, and urban planning, Crest Real Estate prepares documentation to obtain building permits and entitlements for a variety of real estate endeavors.

Crest’s involvement begins at different stages throughout the development timeline, but sees the most value added to a project when involved from the conceptual phase through the final inspection sign-off.

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structural engineer

The Role of a Structural Engineer in Real Estate Development Planning

If you’re getting ready to construct a commercial or residential building, there are many different professionals who will be required to work on the project alongside you. Along with the core construction team, it’s essential that you hire a structural engineer. Structural engineers are in charge of designing and analyzing the structural integrity of buildings, […]

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Crest Obtains Permitting for One of The World’s Most Expensive Homes featured in Architectural Digest

Architect Paul McClean and interior designer Kathryn Rotondi worked on the $340 million dollar home located in Los Angeles. Entitled by Crest Real Estate. The 105,000 square foot properly took eight years to build which required 600 builders. The home is inspired by the environment and history of Los Angeles modernism which features a neutral […]

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swimming pool permit

Acquiring a Swimming Pool Permit in Los Angeles California

Whether you want to add value to your home or would like a place where you and your family could relax during the warm summer months, an outdoor swimming pool can make for a wonderful addition to your home. Before you set about constructing a pool on your property, you’ll need to acquire a swimming […]

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