Jason Somers

President, Crest Real Estate


Expediting, Permitting, Project Management, PDA

Jason Somers

With over 15 years of professional experience in the Los Angeles luxury real estate market, Jason Somers has the background, judgement and track record to provide an unparalleled level of real estate services. His widespread knowledge helps clients identify and acquire income producing properties and value-ad development opportunities. 

Jason Somers’s Background

Jason founded and is the president of the largest project management entitlement firm in Los Angeles: Crest Real Estate. Through his work at Crest and other real estate ventures, Jason has established himself as an instrumental asset for some of the wealthiest real estate portfolios in the world. He has deep connections with the highest level of landowners, developers and real estate agents. These relationships are maintained throughout years and throughout numerous large scale projects because of his unique knowledge of the Los Angeles market, a strong competence to assess proformas and his capacity to identify properties and prepare accurate projections across multiple markets.

A Wealth of Knowledge – Jason provides a level of service unmatched in the industry when combined with his Land Use background and a strong understanding of the latest market trends. His experience, work ethic and professionalism has allowed him access and connections to properties unavailable to the general public. This includes substantial off-market properties (aka: Pocket Listings). Clients come to Jason early and often because he is always up to date on market trends and they value his knowledge and real estate expertise.

Crest’s position in the LA luxury real estate market allows Jason an exclusive view of policy trends in terms of jurisdictional zoning. He has inside information on items such as future zone changes, projected increase/decrease of occupancy allowance for multi-family and commercial properties, and other proposed code changes that can significantly impact the value of a property. Having this information before it reaches the public provides Jason’s clients with the right information so they can make the most informed decision. 

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