Steven Somers

Chief Executive Officer, Crest Real Estate


Expediting, Permitting, Project Management, Due Diligence

With a long track record of success across a variety of real estate endeavors, Steven Somers has developed a reputation as a trusted land use and development advisor with the ability to add value and reduce risk for clients throughout the Los Angeles area. His expertise in zoning regulations and the entitlement process combined with his understanding of the financial necessities of real estate development allow Steven to provide counsel to business-minded clients looking to begin or grow their real estate portfolio. 

Steven Somers’s Background

Steven was a founding member of Crest Real Estate, the largest project management and entitlement firm in Los Angeles, and is now Crest’s Chief Executive Officer and partner. Through his work at Crest and other real estate ventures, Steven has accumulated first-hand experience across luxury residential, multi-family, retail, office, and hospitality project types across the Greater Los Angeles area. He prides himself on developing thoughtful strategies focused on efficient processing, risk management, and the realization of client objectives. Steven has established strong connections with top architects, engineers, contractors, agents, and developers, which enables him to add value by connecting clients with the appropriate resources to make their project a success. Clients respect Steven’s ability to craft the master plan for their project and execute at the highest level.

Crest’s position in the LA luxury real estate market allows Steven an exclusive view of policy trends in terms of jurisdictional zoning. He has inside information on items such as future zone changes, projected increase/decrease of occupancy allowance for multi-family and commercial properties, and other proposed code changes that can significantly impact the value of a property. Having this information before it reaches the public provides Steven’s clients with the right information so they can make the most informed decision. 

What They Say About Steven Somers

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