Based on our principles of providing in depth knowledge, hard work and dedication to our clients, Crest Real Estate offers construction and development services that maximize efficiencies and increase profits on a variety of real estate endeavors.

Crest gets involved on a project at different stages throughout the development timeline but sees the most value added to a project when involved through the conceptual phases to the final inspection sign-off.

What we do.

  • Due Diligence

    Analysis of governmental codes, coordination with consultants and meetings with the client to determine their objectives for a specific site results in the preparation of a Property Development Analysis (PDA). This PDA provides guidelines for the highest and best use capable for a property, a strategic game plan for Governmental submittals as well as plan preparation requirements.

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  • Entitlements and Discretionary Hearings

    Preparation of applications and case findings are performed for projects seeking approvals for discretionary development allowances. Presentations are then made to a multitude of hearing authorities from planning commissions, architectural review commissions, and City Councils.

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  • Expediting

    Working with the design team, Crest submits plans for plan check, coordinates corrections, clears conditions dealing with all pertinent departments, and obtains building permits through an efficient procedure enhanced by members of our team working on multiple projects in the same jurisdictional area allowing for enhanced personal coordination with the reviewing authority.

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  • Construction Change Orders and Inspection Assistance

    In many development projects changes post issuance of permits inevitably occur and when they do, it is imperative to the construction process that they receive supplemental approval from the City as soon as possible so as not to interfere with a financially impacted schedule. Through direct line contacts with the City, Crest is able to influence City officials into priority processing of these field changes.

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  • Project Management

    On certain projects, Crest will act as an owners representative or project manager by identifying project needs, selecting consultants and contractors and overseeing their efforts, interfacing with the community, governmental agencies, client's legal and financial counsel, preparing schedules and budgets and seeing that they are complied with.

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  • Brokerage

    In collaboration with our Broker, Pacific Crest Land Company, we are able to represent our clients in targeting specific homes or properties that match their purchasing criteria. With our rounded knowledge in real estate, we are able to provide the necessary facts vital in making the financial determination on purchasing a value added asset. In a competitive atmosphere our experience, rapid response times and savvy are what we rely on in making intelligent and aggressive purchase agreements that will lock up a property to proceed on our contingency period.

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  • Development

    Crest Real Estate has targeted very specific markets where construction value added with architecturally mastered homes can provide a high return with minimal risk for our investors. Crest will act on this development team as the brokerage team that identifies these potential investment properties, performs the due diligence required to evaluate the development allowances of the site with certainty, and puts an elite development team of architects, engineers and contractors together for a successful and efficient project. The main objective of this development opportunity is to minimize risk and increase simplicity in a complicated real estate market. Crest is currently discussing this development opportunity with selected investment partners.

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