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Los Angeles Business Journal: Crest Shaping Luxury Real Estate Development and Advocacy

We’re honored to have been featured in The LA Business Journal recently. The article spotlighted our innovative approach to luxury real estate development and our pivotal role in shaping the upscale housing landscape of Los Angeles. This recognition underscores our commitment to excellence and dedication to pioneering responsible development practices in the industry.

The recent article shed light on our extensive portfolio, which includes permitting homes for some of Hollywood’s most prominent figures, ranging from renowned actors to Fortune 500 executives. From extravagant features like hidden nightclubs to personalized touches such as taxidermy peacocks, our projects exemplify a dedication to realizing the unique visions of our elite clientele.

Jason Somers of Crest Real Estate

Beyond our role in facilitating luxury developments, we’ve emerged as influential advocates for responsible urban planning. One of our landmark projects, “The One,” a sprawling mega-mansion in Bel Air, sparked discussions around existing regulations due to its controversial scale. Recognizing the need for stricter guidelines, we actively participated in crafting updated ordinances aimed at curbing excessive construction and preserving neighborhood integrity.

Our engagement in legislative discussions underscores our commitment to fostering sustainable growth and community harmony. By advocating for regulations based on property size and topography, we strive to balance luxury living and neighborhood compatibility, ensuring that our developments enhance rather than disrupt their surroundings.

In addition to our permit expediting services, we’ve expanded our scope to include development projects through our subsidiary, Disco Volante. Collaborating with industry leaders like Rayni and Branden Williams, we’ve embarked on ventures such as “The Stanley House” and the “Californication House,” showcasing our versatility in delivering exceptional properties tailored to modern lifestyles.

Furthermore, our recent foray into commercial and multifamily developments reflects our commitment to diversifying our portfolio and addressing the evolving needs of urban living. From upscale shopping centers to affordable housing initiatives, we remain dedicated to redefining luxury in Los Angeles while advocating for inclusivity and sustainability.

Looking ahead, we envision Crest Real Estate as a catalyst for positive change in the real estate landscape. With a focus on responsible development practices and a dedication to client satisfaction, we remain at the forefront of shaping the future of luxury real estate in Los Angeles and beyond.

In conclusion, our recent feature in the article underscores our influential role in luxury real estate development and advocacy. From pioneering permit expediting services to championing responsible urban planning, we continue to leave an indelible mark on the Los Angeles housing market, embodying a vision of luxury that is both aspirational and socially responsible.

Read more: https://labusinessjournal.com/featured/crest-real-estate/

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