Jason Somers featured in The Wall Street Journal: For Chinese Builders in U.S., Devil in the Details

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Jason Somers of Crest Real Estate was featured in The Wall Street Journal:

Jason Somers, president of L.A.-based Crest Real Estate, said he has catered to around 15 Chinese clients, who have become a substantial portion of his clientele in the past 18 months.

“There was a Chinese developer who had to eliminate an entire story from his housing project,” said Mr. Somers. The project was located along Bird Street in Hollywood Hills, and the developer didn’t expect another neighborhood group had jurisdiction over height regulations. “It wasn’t what they had envisioned.”

“In the end we maximized other areas of the property by taking the floor above underneath the house, which still had a view because it was built on a slope. But it was a real disaster to try to make it happen,” said Mr. Somers.

Read the full article here.

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