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Jason Somers, President of Crest Presents at Wall Street Journal UpFronts

Jason Somers, the visionary behind Crest Real Estate, captivated the audience at the Upfronts luxury real estate event at the London Hotel. This exclusive gathering showcased upcoming residential and retail projects and provided a platform for industry leaders to present their innovative developments. Somers’ presentation at the event highlighted Crest Real Estate’s commitment to bold design and risk-taking, exemplifying the company’s dedication to pushing boundaries within the real estate industry.

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A Bold All-Black Mansion: Stanley 2

As one of the Upfronts event’s featured presenters, Jason Somers unveiled the highly anticipated Stanley 2 project alongside renowned realtors Branden and Rayni Williams of The Beverly Hills Estates. Stanley 2 is an all-black mansion in the picturesque Hollywood Hills, spanning an impressive 13,509 square feet. This luxurious residence epitomizes Crest Real Estate’s fearless design approach and penchant for innovative architectural concepts and will hit the real estate market in July. The presentation highlighted the company’s commitment to taking daring design risks, setting the stage for a unique and captivating property that will make a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Inspiring Innovation and Creativity

Jason Somers’ participation in the Upfronts event showcased Crest Real Estate’s dedication to inspiring innovation and creativity within the luxury real estate market. By presenting Stanley 2 as a prime example of its design philosophy, Somers demonstrated how the company continually pushes the boundaries of what is possible in architectural design. Crest Real Estate’s emphasis on bold aesthetics and unconventional choices inspires other industry professionals to think outside the box and create truly remarkable properties.

Setting New Standards in Luxury Living

Crest Real Estate’s presentation at the Upfronts event emphasized the company’s commitment to setting new standards in luxury living. By showcasing the avant-garde design of Stanley 2, Somers demonstrated Crest Real Estate’s ability to create exceptional residences that combine aesthetic appeal with functionality. The all-black mansion represents a departure from traditional architectural norms, providing a glimpse into the future of luxury real estate.

The Power of Collaboration

Collaboration was a theme in Jason Somers’ presentation at the Upfronts event. By partnering with esteemed realtors Branden and Rayni Williams, Crest Real Estate showcases the power of bringing together industry experts to create exceptional properties. The collaboration between Crest Real Estate and The Beverly Hills Estates combines the collective expertise and shared vision that results in groundbreaking projects that capture the imagination of discerning buyers.

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