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Innovative Project Combining Self-Storage and Multi-Family Housing

In a groundbreaking initiative, Crest Real Estate has successfully combined self-storage with multifamily housing, approving Trojan Storage’s pioneering mixed-use project at 13260 W. Maclay Street in Sylmar. This innovative development, a first of its kind, not only represents a significant leap in urban planning but also introduces a unique solution to the storage and housing needs, all within a single, integrated structure.

Urbanize’s project coverage underscores Crest Real Estate’s strategic role and expertise in permit expediting. Crest’s innovative approach of ‘wrapping’ the storage facility with apartments was instrumental in meeting the requirements of SB 8 and the Housing Element, ensuring full compliance with local regulations while optimizing space utilization. This strict adherence to local regulations is a testament to Crest Real Estate’s commitment to responsible urban development and is sure to reassure potential investors and urban planners.

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The project, designed by San Clemente-based Jordan Architects, features a 193,000-square-foot development with over 163,000 square feet of storage space, ground-floor offices, art studios, and a 25-unit apartment complex. The complex, comprising one- and two-bedroom dwellings, is set to replace 22 existing residential units. The development’s design not only showcases a four-story standalone storage building and a three-story structure that integrates housing and storage space under a single roof but also presents an elegant housing unit wrapping the exterior of the corner lot at Maclay Street and Bromont Avenue, adding to the project’s aesthetic appeal.

While this project marks Trojan Storage’s first foray into the mixed-use strategy in Los Angeles, it won’t be their last. The company plans a similar development in Sun Valley, further demonstrating the growing trend of incorporating housing into diverse urban projects. Crest Real Estate’s unwavering commitment to the mixed-use strategy, as evidenced by their involvement beyond Sylmar with another pending mixed-use project at 7528 Bellaire in North Hollywood, reassures both companies’ dedication to this strategy and is sure to attract interest from potential investors and urban planners.

Image via: LA Urbanize

Crest Real Estate’s unwavering commitment to the mixed-use strategy is evident in their involvement beyond Sylmar, with another pending mixed-use project at 7528 Bellaire in North Hollywood. This dedication to the mixed-use strategy, coupled with their innovative solutions, continues to lead the way in urban development, setting a new standard for mixed-use projects that address and anticipate modern urban needs.

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