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7 Popular Luxury Home Design Styles in 2021

Every home has a design style from which the structure is built. If you are a landowner who wants to construct a building on their property, it’s important to know about the various home design styles available to you. When you want to construct a home before selling the property, the design of the structure is a critical aspect of selling a home and making sure that the property has a high value. The right design can attract many prospective buyers while also influencing the interior design that shapes the rest of the home.

The styles that are commonly used during the construction of modern homes are highly varied, which means that each style has its own unique features and benefits. When you’re trying to select the ideal design for your new home, it’s important that you take the interior design into account. Interior design is commonly referred to as home styling and is necessary when making sure that the final design of the home’s exterior and interior are appealing to the people who are set to live there.

Keep in mind that certain neighborhoods will have somewhat uniform architectural styles. If most of the homes in a neighborhood have a modern design to them, you likely want to avoid building a home with a more rustic design. If you’re getting ready to build a home and want to know more about the various home design styles available to you, it’s highly recommended that you speak with an interior designer or architect. This guide offers a comprehensive overview of seven of the top luxury design styles that can be used when designing a home.

1. Modern

modern home design style

When designing the structure of a home or completing an interior design, it’s possible to use a modern design style, which isn’t the same thing as a contemporary design style. Modern designs are clean with very basic color schemes. This type of home will automatically feel welcoming and comfortable despite the limited color palette. In most cases, the color palette will consist of white and black with hints of red, blue, and similar prime colors.

While the modern home design style is relatively new when compared to other styles in this guide, it originated in the early 20th century. If you want a wholly modern design style that mainly centers around the latest design trends, consider designing a home with a contemporary design. These homes tend to use a substantial amount of steel and glass during the construction phase. This particular type of design is based on the Scandinavian and German design styles, which means that the layout and design of the home are practical and logical.

When building a home with a modern design style, make sure that it has an open floor plan that makes good use of space. The furniture you have in the home should be simple and functional. Nothing within the home should be overly bold and striking. Because the function is much more important than style with this design, everything that’s placed in the home should have a practical purpose.

2. Eclectic

The eclectic design style is unique because of how it uses elements of several different styles to create a distinct design. The purpose of this style is to take inspiration from numerous sources. You’ll find that the elements, textures, and colors that are used in this design can contrast with one another. If you would like a more creative design for your home, the eclectic design style may be perfect for you.

While some homeowners and landowners think of the eclectic design style as a haphazard design that can look like anything, you should take a more purposeful approach if you want to get the most out of this design style. In most cases, neutral background colors are used during the design of the home, which allows the items/materials to be the star of the show.

An eclectic design can use light and dark colors alike. Darker colors allow you to add depth and warmth to a room. In comparison, lighter colors will allow the room to appear larger. While this design style involves the creation of layered home decor, it’s important that you don’t overdo it. The style shouldn’t distract from the layout of the home. Make sure that you use a relatively simple color palette that’s based on contrasting textures and colors. When getting started, you might want to select a single accent color alongside a neutral hue.

3. Industrial

The industrial design style involves a perfect union of function and style. When incorporating this style into the design of a home, it’s important that some of the building materials are exposed, which can include pipes, recycled materials, and brick walls. This style has many modern elements to it and is meant to provide a home with a more organic and natural feeling. Many industrial-style homes contain elements from warehouses, factories, and other industrial facilities.

Keep in mind that every home that uses the industrial design style should consist of an open floor plan with furniture being used to add structure to the space. The industrial design style has a neutral color palette. The main benefit of using this style is that it’s unnecessary to incorporate cosmetic tricks into the design to make it look good to potential buyers. You’ll find that the industrial elements used in this design make the home stand out from the rest.

4. Contemporary

contemporary home styles

As mentioned previously, the contemporary design style differs from the modern style in that it uses the latest design trends during the construction and interior design of the property. While the contemporary design style is meant to take inspiration from past design styles like minimalism and Art Deco, it differs from these styles by focusing on smooth surfaces and clean lines.

Most contemporary homes consist of open floor plans as well as a considerable amount of natural light. It’s common for builders to use Eco-friendly and sustainable materials when constructing a contemporary home, which is designed to keep energy use low and protect the environment. Consider using neutral colors with a few splashes of bright and bold colors throughout the design. A vivid painting on the wall could contrast nicely with neutral wall paints. Most lighting fixtures and furniture pieces are modern with this type of design.

5. Farmhouse

The farmhouse design style is centered almost entirely on providing the home with a more rustic and natural appearance. If you select this style for your home, it’s recommended that you use natural and organic materials to achieve the right look. A key aspect of this design style that differs from all the rest is that it uses a single element for the design of each room. The element that the living room design is based on can be different from the element that’s used when designing a bedroom.

Homes with a farmhouse design style should consist of minimalist interiors with a focus on elegance, sophistication, and functionality. Keep in mind that the decor and furniture in a farmhouse-style home shouldn’t match. The point of this style is to adhere to the rustic appearance of a farmhouse. In most cases, wood is the main material used with this style, which means that the color palette should be earthy with shades of beige, white, tan, and brown. The end result should be a comfortable yet luxurious home.

6. Art Moderne

art moderne home design style

The art moderne design style was first used in the U.S. around the early 1930’s and remained popular until the late 1940’s. This style focuses on a bold and flashy interior design alongside exteriors that emphasize simple geometry and long lines. Stucco, glass, and cement are a few of the most popular materials used with this design style.

Focus on rounded corners, flat roofs, and white walls when designing a home with this style. Many of your furniture items should also consist of rounded corners. However, the decor items should be minimalist and stripped down. The standard art modern color palette includes warm tans and browns alongside shades of blue and green.

7. Minimalist

The minimalist design style was first used in Australia and continues to be popular there. Every facet of the minimalist design style centers around minimalism, which means that the color palette should be neutral, the furnishings should be basic, and any accessories should be functional without unnecessary flourishes. Simplicity is key, which means that excess should always be avoided.

Likely the best aspect of the minimalist design style is that it usually includes an open floor plan to create an uncluttered space. Clean and straight lines are highly recommended when incorporating this style into the design of your home. Along with an open floor plan, try to emphasize natural light in the design. Wood floors are very popular in homes with a minimalist design.

While the above are seven of the most popular design styles for luxury homes, there are many additional styles available for you to select from. If the home is being designed for yourself, consider choosing the style that best matches your personality.

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