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Crest Real Estate has defied convention with a Holmby Hills residence that champions simplicity, minimalism, and tranquility in a city renowned for its extravagance and luxury. Located in one of Los Angeles’ most prestigious neighborhoods, this carefully considered home is a testament to the power of collaboration and the vision of its owners, who sought an oasis of peace amidst the bustling chaos of Los Angeles life.

Scandi-style and quiet luxury
Image via Vogue Australia

The journey to create this unique residence began with the homeowners’ desire for a haven that deviated from the ostentatiousness typically associated with upscale LA properties. Crest Real Estate assembled a dream team to bring this vision to life: Claudia Afshar Designs for the interiors, IR Architects for the architecture, and Danielle Whitney Designs for interior architecture. Together, they crafted a Scandi-style masterpiece that marries serene luxury with modern functionality.

Replacing a single-story, four-bedroom house from the 1930s, the new three-story abode stands as a bold symbol of enhanced living spaces. The moment one enters the foyer, they are greeted by soaring ceilings and abundant natural light, setting the tone for what lies within.

Claudia Afshar, the principal and founder of Claudia Afshar Designs, notes the unmistakably Scandinavian influence throughout the home. Light-filled rooms and blonde timber accents infuse the residence with calm and tranquility. The design brief centered on creating a contemporary space that effortlessly combines luxurious comfort with sociability. Afshar explains, “We wanted to furnish, decorate, and enhance this ground-up residential build and curate an environment where our clients can seamlessly integrate their daily life, host gatherings with friends, and unwind without hesitation.”

The heart of the home, the main living area, embodies this vision perfectly. This open-plan space is designed for entertainment with pocket sliding glass doors connecting to the backyard and a generous seating area with a full bar. Luxurious materials like marble and brass are used sparingly, creating a harmonious blend with light timber accents and abundant natural light, resulting in a refined and subtly opulent space.

Scandi-style and quiet luxury
Image via Vogue Australia

Venturing to the basement, the sense of quiet luxury is amplified. Here, a games room and bar feature black-veined marble juxtaposed with sandy blonde timber cabinetry, balancing drama and understatement. Lit-from-below glass bar shelves add to the moody ambiance. But the true highlight of the basement is the dream garage, separated from the living space by a single glass wall. Afshar describes it as “a dream garage for a car collector,” where vehicles can be rotated between the garage and the basement, transforming the space into an automotive art exhibition.

What sets this project apart is the seamless collaboration between all the teams involved. Crest Real Estate worked closely with IR Architects, Danielle Whitney Designs, and Claudia Afshar Designs to create a cohesive living space where every element, from structure to finishes, furnishing, and decor, influenced one another. The result is a true testament to the power of collaboration, where art imitates life in a harmonious blend of Scandi-style and quiet luxury.

Scandi-style and quiet luxury
Image via Vogue Australia

Crest Real Estate’s Holmby Hills residence is a refreshing departure from the norm in a city that often celebrates excess. It is a home that champions understated elegance, where simplicity and tranquility reign supreme, offering its owners a haven of peace in the heart of Los Angeles.

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