Mastering LADBS Green Form 2 for Sustainable Success

What is LADBS Green Form 2?

LADBS Green Form 2, also known as the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety Green Building Division Form 2, is a documentation tool designed to promote and encourage sustainable building practices in Los Angeles. This form is integral to the city’s commitment to environmental stewardship and reducing carbon emissions.

Green Form 2 serves as a means for builders, architects, and developers to demonstrate compliance with green building codes and regulations set forth by the Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety (LADBS). By utilizing this form, applicants can provide evidence of sustainable design, construction, and operation of their projects.

Eligibility and Requirements for LADBS Green Form

To be eligible to use LADBS Green Form 2, individuals or organizations must be involved in construction projects within the jurisdiction of Los Angeles. This includes new construction, additions, alterations, and tenant improvements.

When submitting the form, applicants are required to provide relevant documentation and information. This may include architectural plans, engineering reports, product specifications, energy calculations, and other supporting materials. These documents should demonstrate how the project aligns with the green building standards and criteria set by LADBS.

Compliance with applicable building codes, such as the Los Angeles Green Building Code (LAGBC) and the California Green Building Standards Code (CALGreen), is essential to approve Green Form 2. Adherence to these codes ensures that the project meets specific sustainability goals and contributes to the overall environmental performance of the city.

Using LADBS Green Form 2

Utilizing LADBS Green Form 2 offers numerous benefits to project stakeholders and the environment. One of the primary advantages is the promotion of sustainable and energy-efficient design practices. Projects can significantly reduce their environmental impact by incorporating green building strategies, such as efficient use of resources, renewable energy systems, and improved indoor environmental quality.

From a financial perspective, Green Form 2 can lead to potential cost savings over the lifecycle of a building. Energy-efficient designs and technologies can lower operational expenses by reducing energy consumption. Additionally, green buildings often command higher property values and rental rates, attracting environmentally conscious tenants and investors.

Implementing LADBS Green Form 2 also contributes to the city’s broader sustainability efforts. By encouraging green building practices, Los Angeles can reduce its carbon footprint, mitigate climate change effects, and create healthier and more livable communities for its residents.

How to Fill Out LADBS Green Form 2

Filling out LADBS Green Form 2 requires careful attention to detail and adherence to the provided guidelines. The following step-by-step instructions can help streamline the form completion process:

1. Gather the necessary documentation

Collect all relevant architectural plans, engineering reports, product specifications, energy calculations, and other supporting materials required for the form.

2. Complete the project information section

Provide details such as project name, address, type, and size. Include information about the project’s scope and purpose.

3. Address green building requirements

Go through the form and address each section related to the green building standards. Provide accurate and comprehensive information on energy efficiency, water conservation, materials selection, waste management, and indoor environmental quality.

4. Attach supporting documentation

Ensure all required documents are correctly attached to the form. These may include energy models, product certifications, or other verification materials.

5. Review and double-check

Review all the information provided before submitting the form to ensure accuracy and completeness. Double-check that all necessary signatures and dates are included.

It is essential to avoid common mistakes during submission, such as incomplete or inaccurate information, missing supporting documentation, or failure to comply with relevant building codes. LADBS provides resources and assistance, including workshops and guides, to help applicants successfully navigate the form completion process.

Review Process and Approval for LADBS Green Form 2

Upon submission of LADBS Green Form 2, the review and evaluation process begins. This process aims to assess the project’s compliance with the green building standards and ensure it meets the required sustainability criteria.

The review timeline typically depends on the complexity and size of the project. It is advisable to allow adequate time for the review process in project schedules to avoid delays. During the review, LADBS professionals examine the submitted documentation, conduct necessary inspections, and assess the project’s overall sustainability performance.

If the form is approved, the project can proceed with construction or renovation activities. In the case of initial disapproval, the applicant will receive feedback and guidance on necessary revisions and adjustments. Modifications may involve providing additional information, addressing specific concerns, or modifying design elements to meet the required standards.

Once the project has successfully addressed the feedback and made the necessary revisions, the revised form can be resubmitted for review. LADBS will then reevaluate the project based on the updated information. This iterative process continues until the project meets the green building requirements and receives final approval.

Case Studies and Success Stories of LADBS Green Form 2

Implementation Numerous projects in Los Angeles have successfully utilized LADBS Green Form 2 to incorporate sustainable building practices. These case studies exemplify how green building initiatives can create positive environmental and economic outcomes.

For instance, a commercial office building integrated energy-efficient HVAC systems, solar panels, and advanced lighting controls, resulting in significant energy savings and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Another example is a multi-family residential development incorporating water-saving fixtures, recycled building materials, and sustainable landscaping, reducing water consumption and enhancing resident comfort.

These success stories demonstrate the tangible benefits of embracing green building practices and leveraging LADBS Green Form 2 to create environmentally responsible and economically viable projects.

Frequently Asked Questions about LADBS Green Form 2

What types of projects are eligible for LADBS Green Form 2?

LADBS Green Form 2 applies to various construction projects, including new additions, alterations, and tenant improvements within Los Angeles.

Can I submit LADBS Green Form 2 online?

Yes, LADBS allows applicants to submit Green Form 2 electronically through its online permitting system, e-Permit.

Are there any fees associated with LADBS Green Form 2?

Yes, fees are associated with reviewing and processing Green Form 2. The exact fee structure can be obtained from LADBS or its official website.

Can I apply for incentives or rebates through LADBS Green Form 2?

Yes, LADBS offers various incentives and rebates for projects that meet specific green building criteria. These incentives can include expedited plan check processes, reduced fees, and other financial incentives.

Can I seek assistance if I have questions or need guidance while filling out LADBS Green Form 2?

Yes, LADBS provides resources such as workshops, guides, and customer support to assist applicants in filling out the form correctly and addressing any queries or concerns.


LADBS Green Form 2 is a valuable tool in promoting sustainable building practices and advancing the city of Los Angeles’ environmental goals. By incorporating this form into the construction process, builders, architects, and developers can demonstrate their commitment to environmental stewardship, energy efficiency, and community well-being.

The eligibility requirements, documentation process, and review procedures associated with LADBS Green Form 2 ensure that projects adhere to green building codes and contribute to the city’s sustainability efforts. By embracing sustainable design, construction, and operation principles, projects can achieve cost savings, reduced environmental impact, and improved quality of life for residents.

As Los Angeles prioritizes sustainability and resilience, utilizing LADBS Green Form 2 becomes essential in creating a greener and more sustainable future for the city and its inhabitants.

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