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The Role of Notary Permit Runners: When Are They Necessary?

When you’re getting ready to develop any type of building, one aspect of this process that can’t be ignored is obtaining the necessary permits that will allow you to legally continue development. Without these permits in hand, the city could ask you to tear down any work you do. Even if you finish construction on the building, it may need to be demolished entirely. While the LADBS may allow you to avoid the harshest penalties after the building is inspected, you’ll still pay substantial fines.

When you apply for a building permit, the permitting process can take a lengthy amount of time depending on the size of the building and the scope of your project. It’s possible to speed this process up with the help of a notary permit runner, which is a professional who helps in preparing, tracking, delivering, and submitting building permit applications. It’s commonplace for notary permit runners to work with general contractors, electricians, architects, and other construction professionals.

When you hire a notary permit runner, they will help provide the local or state department with all of the paperwork and documentation you submit alongside the application. Before you start work on your project, consider hiring a notary permit runner to ensure this process is completed without issue. The following takes a closer look at the role of notary permit runners and when they’re needed.

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Notary permit runners help people manage paperwork throughout the permitting process. They will often pick up or drop off paperwork from county and city offices to make sure the process goes smoothly. The tasks of a notary permit runner include:

  • Reviewing the permit application to make sure you meet all of the necessary submission requirements
  • Interacting with project and city staff to facilitate speedy approval
  • Reviewing materials for submission

Notary permit runners are meant to be the go-between for project developers and local building departments. Most developers don’t have enough time to take documents to and from the building departments, which is when notary permit runners prove useful. Keep in mind, however, that not every permit runner is a notary permit runner. While standard permit runners are capable of completing the same tasks, they aren’t always as helpful.

A notary permit runner is a professional who has the qualifications to verify the signing of a document. Some cities and counties require developers or general contractors to sign their permit application as well as some of the documents associated with it. In this scenario, the document will need to be notarized, which is an anti-fraud technique that a notary public can perform.

When a document is notarized, the signer’s identity is verified. The notary public also serves as a witness to the signing. A notary permit runner is capable of verifying the signature on the spot, which means that you won’t need to take out time to visit a notary public’s office to have the same process done.

Permit runners usually process a few permits every day and can handle numerous permits for the same project. They’ll remain in contact with the project team to make sure that everyone’s on the same page about when each permit is required. Permit runners are also referred to as permit expediters. Before you begin the permit application process, it’s highly recommended that you look into hiring a notary permit runner.

Understanding the Notary Permit Process

In order for someone to become a notary public, they must follow the guidelines in the state they live in or work out of. When you live in California, you’ll need to:

  • Complete a lengthy six-hour course that’s provided by a state-approved vendor
  • Fill out and submit the CA Notary Public application form
  • Pass an exam, which will be administered by the state
  • Make sure you have your photo ID, application, color passport photo, registration confirmation letter, and proof of completion certificate when taking the exam
  • A $40 exam fee must be paid at the testing site
  • Submit your fingerprints for a background check
  • Receive a commission certification in the mail
  • Obtain a surety bond worth $15,000
  • File the bond and take an oath of office with your local county clerk within one month after the you receive your commission certificate
  • Purchase a notary journal and stamp

To become a permit runner, you often need to obtain a bachelor’s degree in a related field, which could be anything from urban planning to transportation. Experience in a permit-handling office also helps people land jobs as permit runners. Those who have more experience expediting and managing permits will have an easier time finding jobs. Time management and teamwork skills are necessary aspects of this profession. When someone becomes a notary permit runner, they have the legal authority to oversee the signing of any permit-related document.

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What Are Notary Permit Runners?

Permit running is a kind of service-oriented career that involves helping people and developers earn the permits they need to construct a building or complete a project of some kind. Notary permit runners act as the liaison between government agencies and their clients, which should ensure that permits are obtained and provided to the client in an efficient manner.

Permit runners are often tasked with guiding their clients through the process of applying for the necessary permits, which means that they must help identify errors in the documentation that a client is getting ready to submit. The main responsibilities that a permit runner has include submitting applications, filling out lengthy forms, and following up with city and county officials to make sure that the process is going according to plan.

When Are Notary Permit Runners Necessary?

Notary permit runners are helpful in a wide range of situations. Whenever you need to get a project off the ground, you’ll benefit from having a permit runner on hand. These individuals will have comprehensive knowledge of what needs to be done to submit a building permit application and gain approval, which means that you can be confident they won’t make mistakes that waste your time. On the other hand, attempting to complete this process on your own could result in lengthy delays that occur when you make even the smallest of mistakes.

If you’re on a strict deadline, this type of administrative task is best left to notary permit runners who know how to navigate the situation and keep you apprised of any development. Letting a permit runner take care of the application process on your behalf should save you time and money. It’s also essential that you hire a permit runner if you’re working on multiple projects and can’t take time out of your schedule to visit an LADBS office.

Benefits of Hiring Notary Permit Runners

There are many benefits of hiring a notary permit runner for your project, the primary of which is that you’ll save a significant amount of time. As touched upon previously, any time you spend taking documents to the LADBS office is time that would be better spent managing your project. Permit runners make this process much more convenient.

A notary permit runner also has comprehensive knowledge and expertise on how to manage obstacles that develop during the permit application process, which ensures you can avoid delays. Before you submit your documentation, the permit runner you hire will look at the paperwork to verify compliance and accuracy with any legal requirements.

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Considerations When Hiring Notary Permit Runners

Before you hire a notary permit runner, there are a few things you should consider. For one, make sure that the permit runner you end up hiring has been notarized. Otherwise, you might still need to visit a notary public to have some of the permit documents signed.

The best way to avoid mistakes is by hiring a notary permit runner who has years of experience and a strong reputation in the industry. While you may want to hire a permit runner who offers the most affordable services, the quality of service should be your top consideration. Permit runner costs vary substantially and can range from $35-$70 per hour.

Alternatives to Notary Permit Runners

There are a couple alternatives to notary permit runners for you to consider, the primary of which is self-application and handling the permit process independently. If you choose to submit your application on your own and speak with city officials about your building permit application, you should weigh the pros and cons before choosing this option.

The main benefit of taking this approach is that you’ll save money by not having to hire a notary permit runner. However, you’re much more likely to make a mistake when you don’t have experience with submitting permit applications and navigating the approval process. Any mistakes you make can cause delays that waste more money than it would cost to hire a permit runner.


There are times when the documents you submit alongside your building permit application must be signed and notarized. These documents will then need to be submitted to the LADBS for approval. While you can perform these tasks without any help, it’s highly recommended that you hire a notary permit runner to do the job for you. This individual will officially notarize your building permit application and help you navigate any challenges that develop while you’re waiting for approval. When you’re thinking of hiring a notary permit runner, make your decision based on your circumstances and how much money is left in your project’s budget.

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